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“My love for Japanese fabrics started on my 16th birthday when I was given a beautiful Japanese kimono. It was love at first sight although the kimono seemed very short to me. Only later when I started to learn more about the history and all different types of kimono I learned that mine was a haori, a short coat. The pattern of the haori was entirely handpainted with birds and branches with blossoms. Since then I have been fascinated by Japanese fabrics.The way the patterns are combined, balance in design,  the elaborate way the patterns are painted on or woven in the silks. The artistry of kimono and obi designers is often breathtaking.”

I’m inspired by the word mottainai , which means that it’s a shame for something to go to waste without having used it’s full potential.
You could say in the case with Japanese kimono they where asleep in grandmothers cabinet waiting to come out.
I have given these garments which are handmade with the utmost care and great artistry a new life. They can be used and admired again in a new form.

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